What is the meaning of yogah karmasu kaushalam?


Hello everyone, Is this correct that 'Yogah karmasu kaushalam (योगा कर्मसु कौशालम्)' is a Sanskrit phrase that means “from action, [good] karma results”? It is often cited to imply that karma or the consequences of an action will come from one's intent and not from an outside force. Can anyone share the deeper meaning of 'yogah karmasu kaushalam' or elaborate in detail? Thank you in advance.

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Its the sign of a true karmayogi. Single pointed concentration or focus and dedication to action without expectation of the results or fruits  is the yoga. That means excellence in action is yoga. As one is focussing only on the action and not the results, the mind doesnt get anxious or distracted....that is the yoga ( mind without distractions.)


Om Sri Hari!

This is part of verse 50 of Chapter 2 of Bhagwad Geeta that is very dear to me. 

It basically stresses on the need of being detatched with results. The link below elaborates it more. 'kaushalam' here means excellence.

So, my personal interpretation of this specific extract is--- Do the right work and do it with right spirit. Both--right work and right spirit are equally important. For example, if you donate to needy, you are doing the right thing. But if you donate with the sense of pride and boast about it here, there and everywhere, then that is not the right spirit. It is the God who is the doer, you are only a means. So, right work and right spirit --both are equally important. 

Check details here : 




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