What is the only Word you would use?


Fun Question Time:

Which word would you use if you could only use one for the rest of your life?

My Answer:

I would use the word - Walk

In life, no matter what, we need to keep walking, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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Wonderful question! It got me thinking...

My word would be Energy.

Everything in this universe is Energy. We are dysfunctional without Energy. We must work with Energy. My favorite divine (Devi) represents Energy. Ultimately everything (including love, compassion and joy) is simply different forms of Energy! 

PS: Love your word, Rishi. 🙃


Great question Rishi!

I'd go with 'Alright'

I've always had a soft corner for the world. 

Things didn't go your way? It's alright!

Feeling overwhelmed? It's alright.

At the end, it will be alright. 


Fantastic question Rishi. My word would be Thanks. I have realised over time life is simply a set of interconnected events with a few people such as family, friends, and colleagues. Everything we are today is due to the blessings and contributions of those people. I would love to keep expressing my gratitude. 


Extremely difficult question I must say, Rishi Ji.  There are so many beautiful words in the world so picking one is a challenge, but I think I would like to choose "OM". I do need to experience OM to reach the energy. 

Loads of love ❤️ 



Here’s why:



राम। राम। राम। राम। राम। 

Because Lord Siva who is the greatest jnani and vairagi,  vowed to do Rama smaranam. In Vishnu sahastranam also, it has been mentioned that uttering "Ram" Is equivalent to sahastranama. 😊🙏


I would utter only HIS Name for the rest of my life if I have to! ❤️❤️❤️

His beautiful name is everything to me 🥲🙏🏻


Only One :

GOVIND (गोविंद)


good one.

aham brahmasmi.  


I have 2 words-

1. Maa

2. Swami

For all instances of whining, angry, sad, happy, smiling, moody etc etc.... poor them have a lot to bear! 😂



The essence of the Universe.


I guess i would just say hmmm if that counts because I can sound it out in different ways to mean different things. If it does not count maybe I would just stick to saying Shiva.


I pick to Two - Read and Run !



(Because this one name is equivalent to one thousand divine names! Courtesy: Sadhana App) 

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