What is wrong with drinking moderate alcohol in social gatherings?


I follow the TANTRA school of thought and practice kriya yoga . I drink alcohol but still remember god, i don’t cheat people. I am an empath and go overboard while helping people…

does drinking make me a sinner ?

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What do you think? Only your opinion matters! People will have all kinds of views, which one will you accept?! Instead do what gives you peace! 

Just my 0.02 cents! 🙂


Jai Sri Hari !!!

These points may help.

1) Anything we consume can have a certain impact on us. Alcohol is classified as Tamasic as per Ayurveda (Except for White Wine which is Rajasic). But unlike some of the other Tamasic foods, it has an extraordinary affinity for addiction, which may lead to consuming it in excess as a coping mechanism on bad/stressful days. 

Besides the harmful effects on our body, tamasic food can fuel aggression and restlessness. Bhagavad Gita says (Ch 14.15) if someone leaves his/her body while his Tamoguna increases, he/she gets rebirth in Mudhayoni (like Animals). 

2) In any Sadhana (be it Tantric or Vedic), we try to uplift/transcend/or expand our consciousness so that all our thoughts, actions, and energies are aligned towards the universal consciousness. It reduces our future sufferings by not attracting the wrong things into our life.

What happens when we consume Alcohol? It hijacks our awareness (or consciousness) to a certain extent, our suppressed tendencies may take over us, which is the exact opposite of doing Sadhna. If we struggle to win over our past tendencies while being fully conscious what are the odds of not doing terrific Karma and not attracting terrific things to our life after getting drunk? How much ever self-control one claim to possess, Mental Karma still happens in the background. 

3) You said you have empathy. In Bhagavad Gita (16.2), it is called as Devi-Sampada (Divine Wealth). You must have had a lot of good karma or sadhana in past (across birth), to gain that. However, any unsupervised loophole like those mentioned in Point 1 and Point 2 can potentially downgrade the precious Divine Wealth you possess.

Besides the facts and opinions shared, it is a matter of personal preference. There may be the application of Panchamakars in Bamachara Tantra, but Tantra or any school of thought is not meant to induce Tamas into our being rather its purpose is to get rid of it.

Abhijit Om


Jai Sri Hari bhai. I don’t try alcohol because give my history of excess with food and soda I would be a raving alcoholic if I started. Matthew Walker the worlds top most sleep expert talks about how it’s causeshavoc to sleep cycles. 
The real challenge is attachment to it. I have massive attachment to food. It impacts my ability to sit in Asana, my concentration, and a few other things. If you think, you don’t have attachment to it then having it or not becomes immaterial. 

Swamiji has the following view




If you look at alcohol from a perspective of sin then it would be a sin if you do it at the cost of your health or it takes a priority over other things and your family suffers because of it. If you are doing any particular Sadhana and your guru has asked you not not indulge then it's a sin if you disobey his aadesh. I  know people who are absolutely pious and compassionate and yet indulge in alcohol and ample sober people who are plain toxic. Alcohol is usually looked down upon because as humans we easily get addicted to substances which cause a lot of distress  hence the society calls it a sin.


What is your path? 

That's answer to your question....

Walk alone.... When walking is done all alone then why such questions?


If you put even dry wood in small fire, it will go off. But if there's large fire, like a wildfire, it will burn everything you put in it. A small blow of wind can extinguish a flame of candle but a wildfire only grows more by the winds. 

Your consciousness is verily the sacrificial fire. So the answer depends on how strong your consciousness, how firmly you are situated in yourself.

I am reminded of a incident from Aghori Vimalananda's Aghora trilogy. To clear doubts of his father, one day he sat with a bottle of wine and expounded on the Upanishads while drinking wine which brought tears to his father's eyes. 

Plus, he had mentioned that alcohol was cursed by 3 beings which included Brahma and Shukracharya.

Hope this helps 🙏

P.s - if you haven't read, I would recommend you to read Aghora trilogy by Robert Svoboda and The Book of Secrets (Based on Vigyan bhairav tantra) by Osho.


Hello Vishal Ji. I do hope that you are in good health. I have a unique relationship with edible alcohol. It is my truth, not necessarily what you might find in the scriptures. 

My late father was a drunkard, a really bad one. I heard from my mother that he drank moderately before marriage. As with any other habit, drinking will deepen. However, Dada Ji was intolerant of such practices. After marriage, my parents shifted to Nani's place. Dad got free reign over drinking as there was no one he thought above him. His concentration at work dwindled until he lost his place there. Drinking became something he couldn't live without. Like someone who likes to bite his nails; he finds nothing wrong with it. When he is confronted by friends he will be on the offensive, yet he cannot stop. 

This drinking happened over years, not something that happens overnight. I was 3-4 years old. If you ask around, very few people will tell you that they can remember something from that age. I do, in vivid details. It was the 24th of December. Dad brought me and my baby sister a train toy. We sat down and built the whole thing. Such happy memories; dad was so happy. In his euphoria, he started drinking sip by sip. Until he decided that his baby boy should have a sip too. The stench made me recoil. Mom also stopped him. He suddenly rose from the floor and slapped mom hard. Mom started going out of the room, but he grabbed her arm and started beating her. She managed to escape. Dad chased her with more beatings and kicking. The blood tricking down her lips became years of nightmares for me. 

I see people drinking all the time, but what it makes me realise is how everyone loses their self-control after a sip. Their judgement is not the same. I am not saying that you are like that. I apologise if I hurt you unknowingly. I see so many deaths on the road after all these young people come from parties. They aren't drunk like drunkards. The alcohol makes them carefree, unleashing a degree of overconfidence. They lose their lives, but by unknowingly taking others' lives as well. 

If we need alcohol to be able to enjoy ourselves in social gatherings, I will stay at home. God bless you. You are an amazing soul. 


As far as i can remember, apart from personal set principles in life and health issues, SwamiJi doesn't label it any sin... But someone who is trying to live Vedic lifestyle should also avoid it.

If drinking goes against one's set principles or one wants to follow Vedic lifestyle, then one should not.... Otherwise should not be an issue.

Also, one should not hurt other after being talli... (Though it's assumed you only drink in limit).

Jai Sri Hari


Being a good human being is more important than drinking or not drinking alcohol. I know many good people who do a little social drinking. Being a drunk or an addict is bad, because you cannot be a good human being anymore. As Shakespeare said: Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. Its the same with eating meat. I know many good people who eat meat, also some really nasty, violent people who are vegetarians. Practise love, empathy, kindness, forgiveness.


Drinking isn’t an issue, it’s your life, you can do what you want. The only problem is that a lot of people lose control over themselves due to alcohol intake and this leads to undesirable  consequences.

However if you or anyone can keep it under control and it isn’t being used as a way to escape life (it’s futile because the problems won’t go away) it’s fine. It doesn’t make you or anyone a sinner either way!:)

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