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Hungry Baba and the New Normal

My thoughts and views on the feedback from many readers on the recent changes to my blog

The Heart of Success

Six Business Principles to Up Your Game

Eat That Frog

Here are the four levels of competence and something to think about your time management.

What Only Love Does…

Here's a beautiful true story that'll make you think about love...

The Greatest Spiritual Quality

What is the seed of compassion? Here's my take on the most important virtue essential to feeling compassionate.

If Truth Be Told — A Monk’s Memoir

If Truth Be Told is my memoir slated to be released next month by Harper Collins India. This is my life's journey thus far.

The Guru

Just like the full moon that softly dispels the darkness, a genuine master lights up your soul.

How to Forgive

Forgiveness is letting go, it's a gift. It is as much about the recipient as the giver.

Three Questions of Socrates

Ever questioned the source of your knowledge? Behind the door of conditioning a whole new world awaits you.

Three Principles of Confrontation

Confrontation is not about putting the other person down or throwing them off balance.

Three Most Important Questions

If you asked yourself these questions, you might be living your life a bit differently. Read the story.

The Most Fundamental Human Desire

Feeling loved is like sitting next to a calm ocean. It's inexplicable. You become an ocean yourself. You feel complete.

What’s in Your Wallet?

Have you ever wondered what are you keeping in you? Are you the ever moving stream or a crumbling tree?

The Value of Love

No one offered Love any place on their boats, except one. Who? Read the story.

The Cracked Pot

Our weakness becomes our strength when we are honest with ourselves. Here's a beautiful story. 


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