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Freeing Yourself from Anger

Here's a beautiful discourse by Buddha on removing feelings of annoyance and anger from your heart

The Secret of Happiness

Sometimes the most profound realization comes not in flow but stagnation, when life challenges you...

Four Aspects of Mindful Parenting

Here are the four aspects of mindful parenting capable of transforming the life of any child...

The Zen Mind

A single flower blooms and throughout the world it’s spring...every thought matters.

An Attitude of Happiness

Count your blessings and light the lamp of happiness in your heart. Let it fly, let it float. Let go.

The Mindful Chatterbox

If you want to enjoy the beauty of life then learn to turn off the chatterbox.

The Empty Boat

What to do when the other person is responsible for evoking anger in us? Or are they?

How Much is Enough?

Here's a beautiful story from the life of Alexander the Great on the futility of reckless pursuits.

Collective Consciousness

The law of attraction can manifest your dreams provided you help others in manifesting theirs.

Why do Marriages Fail?

What do you think is the most important element in a marriage? The magic word is not love. Read on.

Nine States of Awareness

In this post I elucidate on the nine states of awareness as propounded by Patanjali and other great yogis like Vyasa.

What Type of a Meditator are You?

Rewards of meditation are directly proportional to the intensity and quality of your practice. Here's something to think about.

The Most Difficult Emotion

A beautiful story from the life of Buddha gives a profound message of mastering the most difficult emotion.

The Greatest Spiritual Quality

What is the seed of compassion? Here's my take on the most important virtue essential to feeling compassionate.

The Secret of Healthy Relationships

Loving and living are not synonyms. Loving may be an emotional matter but living together is mostly about practicality.