My Guru

Someone who changed me and he is not any Swami

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How Swamiji Entered My Little World of Darkness and Filled It with Love, Hope, Truth, and Kindness

When the student is ready, master appears, nature is bound to send one for...

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Don’t Stop Cryin’

Most unlikely teacher: Any guesses? It's an expression of Nature

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My Teachers and My Guru

My experiences with my teachers and my Guru #OSME Challenge

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Surrender by Proxy

Her tears were not of sorrow nor any negative emotion. Faith, surrender and devotion...

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Invaluable learning from Guruji!

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How I Met Swami.

Thank Meera Om Ji to make me write this one.

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Apne mujhe paanch minute diya tha na, saade char minute mein sab kuch khatam...

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The greatest and the most unusual teacher!

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Saviors of My Life

Unlikely instances that initiated my spiritual journey

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My first meeting with Om Swamiji

Super Special Diwali of my life

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