Read posts on spiritual wisdom that would give insights into the big questions of life.  What is the boat that will help you cross over from turbulent emotions to an inner ocean of peace?  What’s the great spiritual quality one must possess? How do you accumulate spiritual wealth? It’s an incredible feeling when you can steer your life in the direction you deem fit. But, how to do it? Dwelve deeper through the stories and different perspectives to discover your truth.

Why do People Change?

People change as their priorities change in life and when that happens, they no...

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Two Sets of Rules

Do unto others what you want done to yourself. It's important to have the...

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The Value of a Gift

When you give your gift to the right recipient, it flourishes, they value it....

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Knowing Without Understanding

Mere intellectual understanding of something is not enough. True wisdom comes from first-hand experience.

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A Strange World

Everyone is playing their own trumpet, beating their own drum. You can't keep everyone...

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Bhaj Govindam – 6

Shankracharya urges us to exercise surrender, meditate and work towards the real goal of...

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Bhaj Govindam – 5

Have you ever wondered who are you and what you are holding on to?...

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Bhaj Govindam – 4

Your salvation depends on your state of mind, your karma. Realization of truth can...

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Bhaj Govindam – 3

Life continues to move while most people are stuck in their desires, goals and...

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Bhaj Govindam – 2

In this second of the six parts of Bhaj Govindam, listen to the exposition...

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Bhaj Govindam – 1

Bhaj Govindam by Shankracharya is laced with profound and eternal wisdom. In this discourse...

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Living with Love

Love is innate in everyone. It is the cause of your existence and the...

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Living in Pajamas

Why this world can be a difficult place and why being comfortable with yourself...

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Life is Like a Musical Instrument

Life is like a musical instrument. The sounds and symphonies it produces, the melodies...

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The Two Spiritual Approaches

There are two ways to lead your life or walk the spiritual path —...

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