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FAQs – General

What is Karma Program?

It is a point reward system at for all interactions done by members. After a threshold, you will be able to encash your point rewards. You can read about the program in detail here.

How are Karma Program points awarded?

Karma points are based on two fundamental criteria: inspiration and interaction. These points are credited to your OS Karma account every time you inspire or interact.

  1. Inspiration – Every time you write a post or read other’s posts, you earn inspiration points.
  2. Interaction – Every time you leave a comment, receive a comment or respond to a comment, you earn interaction points.

If your writing gets featured, you earn additional Karma Points.

Can anybody share their thoughts and experiences on

Yes, to write a post on you will have to sign up. The sign up is free. To interact with others via comments or to view and reply to comments on your own post, requires Premium Membership.

Why should I share my thoughts on or participate in Karma Program? is a leading spiritual community. If you are a spiritual seeker or someone looking to grow spiritually, you would find a great companion for your journey. If you have previous experiences in your journey that can help others, our community would love to hear from you. There are specific areas that are of interest to our community, these are structured as themes and ideas

One interesting aspect of is the foundation of kindness & truth. As long as what you are sharing is truthful, you would find an amazing response irrespective of your writing style. If you are not sure how to start writing, here is a short guide to get you going. To understand why we do what we do, you can read how got started?

Who owns the copyright?

Your writings are fully owned by you, forever. At, our editorial team sometimes would make grammatical corrections or other edits as required but the copyright remains with you. You have full rights to the story, including your right to remove it from within first 30 days after publishing your article. After first 30 days, the article would have generated earnings and hence cannot be deleted. 

How much do I get paid for my writings?

Your earnings are dependent on members who read and comment on your post. More engaging & inspirational stories usually generate more views and interactions. If your blogs are SEO friendly, you have a higher chance of more views on your blog.

Can non-members read my posts & write comments?

Yes, anyone visiting can read up to 5 posts a month. They would need to upgrade to a paid membership to read more. Commenting on any post, however, is reserved for the paid members only. We have intentionally kept it like this to ensure quality interactions on the site.

Can I publish my posts elsewhere if I publish them on

Yes. As the author of your post, you have full rights to publish them anywhere you like.

FAQs – Karma Account 

How are my Karma Points converted to Karma Earnings?

Karma Points are converted to Karma Earnings based on a conversion rate calculated each month. It’s a dynamic conversion rate calculated based on a number of factors including total Karma activity on the website & total revenue from membership & course sales.

Why are my earnings not showing correctly? I have more balance in Lifetime Support than what is showing under Earnings Details.

“Lifetime Support” shows the actual amount of support you have received. “Earnings Details” contains your monthly account balance that you can withdraw. Earning Details are generated in the first week of every month.

Earnings from your “Lifetime Support” are added to your earning details after deducting the Transaction Fee. Transaction fee is the fee paid to our payment provider and other service providers such as bank. Hence, it is possible that your “Lifetime Support” received would be higher than “Earnings Details”. 

I have $100 of Lifetime Support and I have $120 in my Earning Details. So why can I not withdraw $220?

Your Earning Details include your Lifetime Support. Every month, we convert your Karma Points to your Karma Earnings. In that process, your Support Earnings are also converted to Karma Earnings. In the example given, you would be able to withdraw $120 as that is your Karma Earnings Balance.  

In my Karma Account statement, I am not seeing earnings for every month. Some months are skipped - why?

Your Karma Earnings are credited based on your Karma Points. However, if you earn very few points in a certain month then the earning calculations are skipped for that month. In such cases, your point balance is carried to next month and then conversion is done once there is enough point credit in your account. So if you see a missing month in your account statement, then in those months your point balance was low.   

Why the balance shown on my Withdrawal Form different than my Lifetime Karma Earnings?

Your Karma Earnings are credited each month to your Earnings Account. These monthly earnings are debited whenever a withdrawal is made. Withdrawal Form shows your current Karma Account balance. This could be different than your lifetime earnings due to withdrawals. Remember that Karma Earnings are credited monthly, so sometimes you may need to wait for the monthly run for your Karma Earning Account to catch up with your Karma Statistics. 

How can I know if my cash withdrawal request has been submitted successfully?

Once you see a confirmation message on your screen for your withdrawal request, that indicates that your withdrawal request was submitted successfully.

Where will my cash withdrawal be credited?

You will need to have an active PayPal account registered under the same email address that you used to register for membership. We support transfer to your Paypal & Bank Accounts (India Only) for Karma withdrawals.

FAQs – Comments

Why are comments available to only premium members?

Interactions on the platform are enabled via comments where you can communicate directly to the author of a post. Only premium members are permitted to participate via comments to ensure that these comments are kind, truthful and meaningful. This is also designed to ensure that authors within the community have a positive experience while reading those comments.

Are there any comments that are not acceptable?

The commenting system is designed for “meaningful” interactions among community members. The keyword is “meaningful”. Since only premium members can read the comments, it’s important that comments have some meaning. Pasting emojis or simply saying “nice” is not considered meaningful.

Why my comments are not earning any Interaction Karma Points?

Each comment earns Interaction Points under Karma Program. However, it is important that these are meaningful comments for the community. If spammy / non meaningful comments are posted by any members, such members would be temporarily removed from earning Karma Points. We reserve the right to block such members from Karma Program or our Premium Membership Program as per our Terms of Use. In such cases, you would not see any Interaction Earnings from your comments.

FAQs – Support the Author

Will I be able to see which author I have supported in past?

Currently, your account dashboard would not show anything if you supported an author. It’s the author’s dashboard that would show how many $s of support, he/she has received.  

Instead of withdrawing the cash, is there an option to use the money for other transactions on the blog, like buying or gifting memberships, support the authors/guides etc?

Yes, you can goto your earnings page and use the “Withdrawal” tab to buy or gift membership & courses.

Someone wants to support me and asked if my bank account is registered with you. How do I attach my bank account?

Any support received from “Support the Author” is credited to your account just like Karma Points. During monthly conversion of Karma Points to Karma Earnings, any support received is also converted and added to your Karma Earnings. Once you have a balance of Karma Earnings, you can withdraw them using withdrawal form. We support transfer to your Paypal & Bank Accounts (India Only) for Karma withdrawals. 

Etiquette to follow on for Good Karma

  1. Use proper grammar and spelling in writing blog posts and comments. Read over your post or comment for mistakes before hitting the publish button. Good Karma is in giving a great reading experience.
  2. Read the posts before commenting on it. Think twice about how your comment is going to impact the community. Remember you represent the community.
  3. Remember that you are here for Good Karma. Please don’t request for interactions in exchange for gifts or points. It will dilute the ecosystem of and your credibility.
  4. Gain Good Karma by thoughtfully writing comments. Remember you are empowered and with great power comes great responsibility. Phrases such as “nice”, “awesome blog”, and “just inspirational!” are not constructive, original, or add value to the interactions.
  5. If you intend to write a blog in a different language, use the respective language for publishing the blog or comment. Use the English language to write a post in English only.
  6. Feel free to post links to your own content (if you have an independent website for business). But if that’s all you ever post, take a deep breath. Is this going to accumulate Good Karma for you? Am I spamming or justifying the minutes the reader is taking out to read my content?  A widely used rule of thumb is the 9:1 ratio, i.e. only 1 out of every 10 of your posts (or comments that include a link to your website) should be your own website/business content.