Anitha's writings

6mo ago

Om Swamicise !

My weight loss journey inspired by Swamiji 😊 !

1 year ago

Shift Your Attention – My Journey with...

The powerful words that transformed my life

2y ago

Gender Bender Mentality

Isn’t it ironical that, as a society, we penalise the transgenders for having an...

2y ago

Fasting and how I ran Fast from...

Let's face it. Fasting is difficult.

2y ago

Women Are Bad Drivers

Heard that before? Now let me tell you why...

2y ago


What do we want to be committed to. And how do we keep up...

2y ago

Bhishma’s Dilemma and You

Bhishma would have been in absolute agony seeing his grand daughter in law being...