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    Only his

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    Bridge player and software developer.

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    Rohinee Karmarkar-Sharma is living in immense gratitude. She finds running deeply meditative and is the president for life of the Good Coffee Equals Good Mood Equals Good Day club !

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    Ravi Trivedi Om

    A journey from Somebody to Nobody. "They alone live who live for others" Swami Vivekananda.

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    Komal R

    Swami's little minion in da house. I scribble by His grace. All His, except my bad jokes, maybe! Hope you enjoyed reading and remember to smile:)

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    Niranjan Seshadri

    Dr. Niranjan Seshadri writes about the mind-body relationship and the power of awareness to harness the inner potential that lies within every human being. He has published numerous collections of poetry exploring the mystical and philosophical aspects of human existence. To learn more, visit—amazon.com/author/seshadri.

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    Hemanya Vashishtha

    A schoolgirl in the morning, blogger by noon, bibliophile by afternoon, craft lover by evening, guitarist by late evening, poet at night. She loves food so much that she eats it everyday. Lives life to just one mantra- Live. Laugh. Love. Give.

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    Francesc Miralles is a writer published all around the world. After working as a publisher, he developed a great admiration for Japan. He is co-author, with Héctor García, of the smash-hit Ikigai, translated into 60 languages and reaching the bestseller lists in the United States, U.K., India, Holland, and Turkey, among other countries. Web: www.francescmiralles.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/francescmirallesenglishIG: @francescmirallesoficial

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    And then there was light!

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    Amardeep S Parmar motivates people to rethink self-improvement and entrepreneurship through mindfulness. He recently quit his corporate job to pursue writing full-time. Today, he is one of the most popular writers on Medium. His writings have been read by more than a million. He is the host of the popular Mindful & Driven podcast. “My goal is to help people not lose sight of what really matters whilst chasing their dreams.” Keep up with me: www.mindfuldriven.com

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    A servant. A survivor. An eternal student. Born, raised, lived and learned in London, England. Now, by the Grace of my Guru, Om Swami ji, I am an evolving monk living in the Himalayan hills. I don't know very much, but life has given me one incredible roller-coaster of a ride. Perhaps my ramblings may be of some interest to you, thank you for reading them. With His Grace, Jai Sri Hari! 🙏🏻 🙂 ❤️

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    Sandeep Maher

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    Supriya Patnaik

    A tiny speck in the gigantic cosmos

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    I live in the south of Germany. I am 46, struggling with an incurable chronic neurological illness for over 20 years now. I am also working in health care currently. I am hoping to become stronger, happier and healthier despite all the pain and difficulties by learning to be more mindful through regular meditation.

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    John Clark

    Evangelical minister until I was 33. Left organized religion in search of a real Divinity. My studies and travels took me to the jungles of Costa Rica where through drinking a bunch of Ayahuasca, I met a guru named Baba Neem Karoli who, in an instant, took over my life and downloaded into me a treasure trove of wisdom. I presently work as an executive consultant for an up-and-coming internet startup in New York to support my habits of loving and feeding people. I'm married to my favorite person on the planet, Adriana, a lovely Costa Rican Tica. We've been together going on eight years. I have two biological children and many spiritual ones as well. Blessings! Sat Nam! JC

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