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    Nothing to write home about. An ignorant child of Divine Mother, just trying to be a humble servant of dharma.

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    Hetal Sonpal

    Hetal Sonpal is a accomplished business leader with 21+ years in the Tech industry. He advices and mentors startups, helping them on Sales Hetal is a "Mentor of Change" for Niti Ayog and mentors school children on Innovation programs. He is also a motivational speaker and loves to write on varied topics.

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    Aditya Shahi

    Seeker of truth and a child of divine mother playing in her lap of this grand existence.

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    All is Sri.Hari’s Grace🙏 The big search of speaking to the Spirits of my Parents just lead me on a journey with different tags. A Self taught Artist, Reiki Teacher, PLR Therapist, Sound Healer, Rebirther, Tarot Reader , Mantras and last but not least, taking little passionate steps in Writing and Photography🍃Life continues to teach.

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    I wish I could have said, I am a flawless monk but alas I have been forbidden to lie :). So here I am a laughing monk full of flaws. My laughter as well as my flaws is all grace that I have received over the years. I was initiated by Sri Om Swami in 2018 into Sannyasa. Now, all my efforts are towards becoming flawless - so wish me luck!

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    Creature of God ♥️

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    Only his

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    S Misra

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    A servant. A survivor. An eternal student. Born, raised, lived and learned in London, England. Now, by the Grace of my Guru, Om Swami ji, I am an evolving monk living in the Himalayan hills. I don't know very much, but life has given me one incredible roller-coaster of a ride. Perhaps my ramblings may be of some interest to you, thank you for reading them. With His Grace, Jai Sri Hari! 🙏🏻 🙂 ❤️

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    Sadhvi Vrinda Om

    An on and off poet, an ardent devotee and disciple of one of the greatest Masters of our times, Om Swami.

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    Author of the bestseller, The Ancient Science of Vastu- I & II. A Ph.D. in Vedic Vastu and Geopathology. Follow me on insta@ drjayshreeom for genuine vastutips facebook:-https://www.facebook.com/jayshreeborad

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    1 Ecosia search = 1 kg of CO2 captured. Make Ecosia you're web browser and plant 1 trees per every 45 searches. https://www.ecosia.org/ Gift trees https://sankalptaru.org/ Jay radhe shyam

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    Meditator ❤ If one says 'I' meditate then it would be a statement not befitting to express the essence of meditation because the 'I' can possibly not meditate! When 'I' is not meditation is. Happy Meditating! 🙂 Love, Joy and Light 🙏🌷 In the service of Sri Hari Bhagwaan 😇💐🙏 Shambho 🔱🙏

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