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How Does It Matter?

To be quiet and unconcerned at cheating or to speak

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Yes I Am Insensitive Towards Death

Have u avoided watching funerals of celebrities?

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Sadhna App….do U Use?

They put the ingredients so fast I need to learn by heart.

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Are You So Busy Writing About Sanatan...

Will earning on Medium and no earn me more?

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Jaaago Sadhak Jaago

Does Swamiji s voice keep mentoring you in head?

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Momos Sampling Girl

As I tasted a paneer momo I asked her do u eat it too...

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Happy Birthday Sangha Mitra

May Samil Sahil and Biswa keep you as queen of their heart

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Has Your Parent Ever Slapped You? Or...

A parent hits if he himself is hurt or too scared saying this I...

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Being a Punjabi with Non Punjabi Inlaws

Between jaimala and fere my choora was removed so that no one gets to...

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Am I Defensive, Apologetic Every Time?

His mother was always sick so he dint enjoy pampering in childhood and is...

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Is a Husband Liable to Share How...

With both partners earning Is there something like personal or private in finance?

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Do You Become a Cry Baby in...

Why does company of certain people only take out our problems and complaints?

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Double Standard

Would you accept the same redicule from your kids on not doing house hold...

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My Reservation for People with Not So...

I saw the canteen boy giving me samosa with a burnt hand and threw...

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At 50 once kids are educated and career wise settled, if some one looses...

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