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    Komal R

    Swami's minion in da house!:) I live, love and write for Him. Nothing is mine. Everything I scribble comes from His guidance, writings and grace. Except my bad jokes maybe! Are you smiling yet?:)

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    Dentist. A Seeker. An initiate of Sri Ramakrishna order. Blessed to be born in this ancient land of the Rishis and to have met Om Swami. To serve and to realize the Divine in everyone and everything.

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    Sri Devi Om

    Mon: The Upanishads 💮 Tue-Thu-Sat: The Mahabharata 💮 2nd & 4th Fri: Blogs (also on my website)

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    Learning to unlearn

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    GuruToons Comics

    You’re in the thoughtfully funny zone! Think. Ponder. 🤔 Smirk. Giggle. 🤣 Put that smile back on your face because you deserve it! 😊

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    Niranjan Seshadri

    Dr. Niranjan Seshadri writes about the mind-body relationship and the power of awareness to harness the inner potential that lies within every human being. He has published numerous collections of poetry exploring the mystical and philosophical aspects of human existence. To learn more, visit—amazon.com/author/seshadri.

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