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    A Child of Mother Divine

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    A sapling just planted by her Guru to bloom into a flower, spreading its fragrance wherever it goes in the love of God.

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    His boy.

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    Kirti Om

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    Sri Devi Om

    Stories, poems, reflections, or anything I feel like sharing! Sanatana Dharma-based blogs on my website.

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    Medha Shri

    I am grateful to the universe for all the adventures and experiences, of which there have been many big-ticket ones. Still nothing as exciting as os.me.

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    Shalini Pandey

    A simple fun loving person who loves to make other people smile and wants to be under guidance of Swami ji

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    Bridge player and software developer.

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    Abhishek Sharma

    I'm not the one who is sharing his experience thoughts to get fame or anything. I'm the one who feel that every sadhak has almost similar situations in their path of spirituality. Sharing our experience thought may help other sadhak and he walks on the path of spirituality with no obstacles. That's only about me. I don't write here. I'm not the one who is thinking and writing here. All this is by the Grace of Shri Gurudev only. Jai Shri Radhey Shyam Jai Shri Hari

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    I am Akshay Iyer hoping to be Akshay Om soon. I work as a technical writer in Hyderabad and love reading almost all genre of books. Jai Sri Hari!!

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    Sonali Vashishtha

    Doctor as a profession, On the journey of self purification Seeker by nature, child of Sri Hari. A speck of dust in the entire universe.

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    Sadhvi Vrinda Om

    An on and off poet, an ardent devotee and disciple of one of the greatest Masters of our times, Om Swami.

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    Divya Vanshika

    A seeker in search of my own truth... a corporate slave struggling to break free . Sharing myself with the world through astrology, music and writing. Hoping to receive the grace of my master

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    In Civil Services by profession, a Poet by heart and a Seeker by Soul !!

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    Raghu Om Nagaraj

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    Komal R

    His little child in da house. Only His:) Everything I scribble comes from Him. Except my bad jokes, maybe! Where's your smile?:)

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    And then there was light!

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    Kunal Arora

    I am just a college going student who used to write some random articles in school but then i left writing it due to some reasons. But now thanks to Om Swami Ji,i am able to write articles on os.me platform like many other upcoming writers. If you find some wisdom,knowledge or truth in my articles then that's because of Swami ji's grace. Email- Kunalom3299@gmail.com

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    Kaivalya Lal

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    Suseela Ramachandran

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