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    Radha Devi Om

    Yoga Instructor.

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    A Naval Officer, in the service of nation for past 27 yrs, a physicist by qualification and zero experience in writing blog. Ardent Disciple of Swamiji, with his divine grace trying utmost to live by his principles, thought and work ( SMILE BREATH MEDITATE LET GO). "A Soldier's Musings" follows:-

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    Chess player by Profession, flawed by nature, traveling on the lifelong journey of Self Purification.

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    Meditator ❤ If one says 'I' meditate then it would be a statement not befitting to express the essence of meditation because the 'I' can possibly not meditate! When 'I' is not meditation is. Happy Meditating! 🙂 Love, Joy and Light 🙏🌷 In the service of Sri Hari Bhagwaan 😇💐🙏 Shambho 🔱🙏

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    Dr Capricorn

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    Love OM

    My journey is to become music from being a musician.

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    Anusha R

    House of quarks and leptons.

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    Basudev Om

    It's all Swamiji's Grace. Jai Shri Hari!

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    I live in the south of Germany. I am 46, struggling with an incurable chronic neurological illness for over 20 years now. I am also working in health care currently. I am hoping to become stronger, happier and healthier despite all the pain and difficulties by learning to be more mindful through regular meditation.

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    In me, I trust.

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    Fire And Ice

    The posts in this account are the collaborative efforts of Hemanya (@alokvashishtha) and Rishi (@rishisridhar). Enjoy!

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    Shivani Kohli

    A young adult doing her best to learn how to adult whilst trying to overcome the regular existential crisis.

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    Sri Badrik Ashram Resident.

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    Bhavita Vashishtha

    A simple teen with vacillating behaviour 😬

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    Bhavik Muni

    In the making.

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    Prakhar Srivastava

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    Light worker Working in energy and matter for. 23 years. Srividya practitioner. Holding lightcodes of my isht lalitatripursundari, and Devi Durga. Energy grids where . I Hold and have anchored light of goddess . Badrika ashram,( India , Australia) Mata Amritanandamayi math,(all maths world wide) Ramkrishna and Sharda Devi. Math( belur centre is my major grid ). ISKCON,(.Ujjain, Bhopal, Mumbai, Vrindavan main grid centres) Isha , sadguru , coimbatore. Sadhna Niketan , Kumbakonam. Mahakal. Dakshinamurthy shiva. Energy centre , Ujjain. Bala sundari Trilokpur, Sirmaur . (redacted)

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