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Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient- Technology

Three line poems on how Technology is ruling us now

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He Comes As You Need

Poem inspired by Vrinda Sadhviji's post " A feast"

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Ties That Bind Us

A Poem inspired by Swamiji's post "Whom to please"

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Wisdom Acquired from a Saucepan

The saucepan ultimately Did spill some wisdom!

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Spiritual Humor -3 Let’s Laugh a Bit

Mammoth Challenges in Meditation

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A poem- Eyes and Oceans

Eyes are very much like oceans

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Spiritual Humour —2 Let’s Laugh a Bit...

Don't keep the mind empty always!

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Spiritual Humor – Let Us Laugh a...

Struggle of an immature soul -1

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To and Fro

A Poem titled "To and Fro" on how mind keeps swinging inwards and outwards

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Iam a Nomad And My Morning Prayer

Two poems titled "I am a Nomad" And "My morning prayer" Sharing with co...

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