The other day I read a nice little story in The Little Book of  Sufi Parables by Nico Neruda. Quoting verbatim:

A famous Sufi master was invited to give a discourse in California. The auditorium was full at 8 am – the time announced – when one of the assistants came onto the stage.
“The master is just waking up. Please be patient,” he announced.

Time passed, 0ver two hours, and people started leaving the room. At midday, the assistant returned to the stage, saying that the master would be starting the lecture the minute he finished talking to a pretty girl he had just met. Most of the remaining audience left fuming and feeling ridiculed.

At 4 pm the master appeared – apparently drunk. This time, all but six people stormed out.

“I will teach you this,” said the master, ceasing to act drunk. “Whoever wishes to go down a long path, must learn that the first lesson is to overcome early disappointments.”

Keep going…one step at a time. Eventually, nothing will matter…