Class 4 and I read a poem in hindi book…vo chidiya jo..
It described all motherly and loving qualities of a little birdie and its never to die spirit ,picking twigs and making a nest ,getting water droplets for its chicks from its beak and feeding them from wheat grains from far away farms! I was fascinated by birds and convinced my grand father to get me a LOVE bird …a colourful one with rainbow shades! Since both my parents were working and couldn’t attend to responsibilities of my keeping a Dog as a pet they too agreed for my constant demand for having a pet whom i had pre named Mun mun! My grand father used to live in Chandni chawnk and was aware of a bird market near Lal quila ,he was a wise bargainer too and being a government pensioner was some one who could buy the best bird for me! So on a pre decided day which would be of my love bird Mun mun and my last day of exam…9th March my pyaare Dadaji bought me the most precious gift of my life! Back then i never realised we should not cage a bird ! I was extremely exited and had called all my colony freinds to meet my bird the next evening thats 10th March to see Munmun …i had thought till then i ll train her to whistle on my whistle, do a prancing dance on my clap and solve algebra problems as in circus when i gave her my scrable bocks with number tiles! I also bought fruits as grapes ,apple ,mango and water melon to feed Munmum 2 hourly in the smallest bowl which belonged to me as a child and i was most possessive about! So birdie Munmum came as a special cheif guest to our house ..
I had decorated the place where her cage would be between drawing room and balconi with 3 baloons….i couldnt blow more! As my birdie hopped in her nest i kept 2 small caps of ketchup bottle up side down in her cage with water and moong daal…. though she kicked both to spill them on floor with her claws ,i dint mind brooming though in love of my Love bird ! I clapped and said Munmum dance but it dint respond as a dumb and sad creature in cage! I whistled and said mun mun whistle but mun mun kept mum ..
I thought maybe new place and new set of faces is making my Munmum uncomfortable and coy ! It stuck me after 6 hours of getting by cutie birdie and offering it corriander ,spinach and beans which it refused to touch …thats its too hot ,i should give it a bath ,so i took Our house help Ammma s smallest plastic mug in which she used to soak under garments to wash ,filled it with water and put in from head to toes on my Munmum, i considered myself very smart that i kept a tub under the cage so that water doesn’t spill here and there! Lo and behold my SIDDHI…which I was God gifted and neither my parents nor me were aware of came true!!! Munmun chirped choo choo and turned from Love bird to house sparrow! We had been duped….the bird seller had painted a house Sparrow and sold us a Gaurrraiya!

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