There is still a long distance to walk,

The road is empty, no passerby

And it’s only me and you;

And you urge me to move everyday

Little by little with a ticking clock

And a rotting body rolling by-

It will roll till it crumbles-

Crumbles down to dust.

And it must;

But a knawing mind divides me

Along with the soul deep laziness

Which will ache up everything after life

Or the life after, which I don’t know.

Just know that I take small steps,

Or I don’t walk at all.

I give myself up to you

And rest is all on you-

A clay I lay, mold me or don’t 

I don’t care.

I am yours and you, mine-

That is all I say.

Hey, how many flowers will you take

When each blooms only for you

And I am the witness when I see

Flowers peeping into the sky

Like flaunting their new, soft petals.

Your grace made them bloom

And all you do is- smile. Everytime.

So, I threw another garland on you.

Tell me, what else can I do?

What is your name?

And who are you?

Where do you come from?

And lo! You gave a clue!

What? My heart? No. No..

A tattered human, 

Maybe a fungus is better.

Away from the blanket of dualism

When you manifest for me,

I will say- Thou art you, 

Thou is that

And I will repeat, 

I will make an offering again-

With a beautiful flower at your feet

And I know, you will smile.

You will smile.

And I will do that all over again.


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