This wasn’t recent. It was over 12 months ago but some incidents linger on in life….especially if they have touched you somewhere deep. I experienced and saw something wonderful which I shall never forget. Sharing this story is special as besides learning from our own experiences, sometimes God sends angels, in any form, to teach us something deep. This Incidence got stuck in me. So here it is.
We were on our way to the Ashram to attend the Black Lotus championship workshop. Along with me there were many other devotees and we were at the New Delhi railway station waiting for the train to still arrive onto the platform. I had booked myself late so I was travelling alone and was ok with it too. ( I had recently lost my best companion, my husband a few months ago and was happy to be in my own quiet space. He has simply relocated himself from the outside world to my inside world, since then. I still chat, joke, fight and complain to him about the little things which I can’t handle. Sometimes it brings a smile and sometimes in brings tears.  We keep it going, it’s still alive ) anyways, so I excused myself to go towards where my coach would arrive. The train was still to take some time to come onto the platform. My sight fell upon this young lean physically handicapped man who had a stick in his hand for support. One could see his physical challenges as one side of his hand and leg was completely limp, frail, shrunken and lifeless. He was still decently dressed and clean and he wasn’t in rags begging openly. There was something about him which attracted me towards him. So I went upto him and asked if he didnt mind if I offered him some morning tea. (BL Raks had become a way of life for us by then) He smiled and agreed, so both of us walked towards the nearest tea stall. Me, strolling my bag and he, with his stick. At the tea stall I ordered 2 cups of tea and he told the tea stall owner not to put sugar in his tea. I was surprised so I asked him why and he said he had diabetics. He seemed too young to have that disease and I felt bad for him. Then I asked him to eat any thing of his choice, anything whatsoever. And he got himself a packet of biscuit. I told the guy to give him 5 more packets so that he could have it anytime during the day as it was just 6.30am then. Strangely is refused and insisted that one packet was enough. He wasn’t openly begging but he did seem to be needy. I was shocked to see his level of contentment knowing and seeing how challenging life is for him. And he insisted that he didn’t want more of anything else I offered. I was so surprised to see that humility and that quality in him. It touched my heart and I didn’t want to end it there. We got talking about his family and health. How and when things happened in his life. As he was sharing his life with me my train comes on the platform and I tell him that I have to go now. Do you want to know what he did ? He wanted to take my bag from me to help me upto the train. I was shocked. How can I let a physically handicapped man who walks with a stick take my luggage. It was his way of reciprocating that cup of tea but I could just not let him take my burden. He still walked with me till my coach . We talked and walked as if no one else existed in the world and he saw me off till i boarding the train. I offered him some cash also which he flatly refused. What a person? I kept thinking to myself. What an incident ? Here I am trying to do a Rak consciously and there is this man who is doing a Rak so naturally….. Amidst all the challenges of life he still was above the rest wanting to help me in his own way, in his capacity. He maybe financially and physically deprived but indeed extremely rich from within. It was a demonstration of contentment, to an all new level. He taught me, who did A Rak, on whom. I addressed my ego immediately, as I recieved much more, than I gave. ( I enjoy chatting and coming face to face with my ego from time to time, just to keep a check on it. It’s like a game I play with it….sometimes i win and sometimes i lose…. and a new game begins again soon, which is round the next corner ) Anyways, coming back to that guy, I can still recall that smile on his face. He sure took a permanent place in my heart. During the train journey thereafter, I felt good and could experience Gods wonderful creation everywhere. A small prayer went out to God, from me to HIM to take care of this person. It seemed stupid too,  as he seemed and felt to be an extension of God himself. It felt like I just met God, a few minutes ago. I was in a happy zone thereafter and my day was made.

So this was my little story which moved me and taught me something. Hope you liked it too. This is my first attempt on this platform. It feels like a canvas where we can pour out and emote , with all the colors we have. Swamiji has given us this wonderful play ground to play and express ourselves. I am glad to be a part of this wonderful divine experience. Thankyou for your time. If you liked it pls support me below as the author. It will All go back to the Ashram where we meet our Prabhu, Our Hari. Tk u and JSH.

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