I have an important message to say.

I know that few of humankind hear it, because I’ve said it before. Many like it, but very few have gone deep into it. (I have been one of many, because it is so easy and comfortable to go with the majority. It is much harder to decide in favor of the love of humanity, no matter what it entails.) But I must no longer remain silent and to hope that maybe others will be right. I have seen where their decisions have led them / us, and that´s not place, where I want to be.

So, the message is:

We are like tiny cells in God’s body, and the health of God’s body – our universe – depends on our cooperation and non-cooperation.

But cooperation does not mean distinguishing oneself and one’s family from the great family of the universe. We need to look at the big picture, go higher to see the bigger picture. To see how we are all really connected, with a small thread that can be called (life-)energy.

Too often, people take themselves or their families as something they need to protect, preserve, save. Doing so hurts many others, a larger group, at the same time.

As humanity, we can´t fall into this hole any longer, that we don´t take the whole world, the universe, as our child/family. We are one family like cell colonies in our bodies. When we anger others, we anger the whole body. And if we anger the whole body, how can we hope for a beautiful future (for ourselves, for our children and for grandchildren)?

I sincerely ask our society to abandon this warfare, criticize and competitive mentality. It all depends on how big the group is really willing to give up the ego.

How many people are willing to give up themselves and their well-being for a bigger society?

It only counts.



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