In one of my earlier posts here, I shared about poetic trait of my personality that I am also a poet by heart and write by the pen name of Rafeeq. I also got one book published consisting of my poetry. I do not know if this is the right platform to share my poems/ghazals but still, listening to my heart, I am going to share another one.

          This Ghazal is written lately and is not the part of my book, which flows as follows:

यह भी क्या फ़ितूर है,
वो  पास है ना दूर है।

मुझे मेरी ख़बर नही,
चढ़ा कैसा ये सुरूर है।

वो मेरे शेर हैं पढ़ रहे,
हुआ तो कुछ ज़ुरूर है।

मेरा ग़ुरूर तेरा इश्क है,
तुझे बता क्या ग़ुरूर है।

हमेशा सच बोल देता हूं।
क्या यही मेरा कसूर है।

तो लीजिए आपका ‘रफ़ीक़’
पेश-ए-ख़िदमत हुज़ूर है।

There is one instagram page of my poetry also which can be acceesed from here

I am amenable to criticism and suggestions. If any of the reader or member thinks that poetry should not be shared here, please feel free to point me out.


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