It is told that poem is the most direct way to express the thought of heart. This is a poetic tribute (may not be up to mark) written for my beloved and revered Swamiji. Charan vandan Swamiji and please forgive this ignorant child of yours for any mistake.

Oh, mystic Yogi from the Himalayas,

With all that charismatic smile and poise…

How you came in the life of this fallen one,

By your own grace and good omen

When the nights were darker

And things were harder,

You just embraced this soul

Nurtured it with all the love and affection

Yes, you are the father and you are the mother

Without you, life is nothing but a chatter

The grace you showered is unconditional,

You accept everyone as they are without prejudice and with care

Oh lord please continue blessing us,

Under your cool shade life is just gracious

You enter in life when things are breezy

But surrendering at your feet makes life easy

A sense of assurance comes from within

When your smiling face pops up in the brain

Your unfathomable love guarantees lasting peace,

Makes life full of joy and divine bliss

No words to explain thy greatness

Remembering you leads to success

Hey, antaryami, I am waiting eagerly

To have your darshan and fall at your feet

But I have done so many sins that test is still on,

Nevertheless, one day I will make it

That day I will lose myself at your lotus feet.

Till that time please guide me with your wisdom

All that is cherished is a sense of freedom

Thank you everyone for reading the poem by a novice. Jai Shri Hari.

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