Forgive me O Lord, for I have been vain and arrogant in my affairs.
I thought that I was walking towards truth, but doubts and ego blocked Thy light and grace.
I thought I was ready to follow Thy will, but my mind creates a hundred different paths masquerading as Thy will.
I felt the joy of devotion coursing through my heart , but felt ashamed of what the world would think of me, a mere devotee!
I received Thy guidance when I went astray, but my mind painted a different shade of meaning to lead me further away.
I wanted to be firm and steadfast on my path, but I kept shuffling like the tap dancer gone mad.

I felt myself ready to be a disciple, but I found that I have a problem in being disciplined.

I pray through this darkness, take hold of me firmly in Thy grip even as the lion holds his prey.
Let not my arrogance and desires weaken Thy hold on me.
Let not the blows of adversity knock me out, but rather push me to find even deeper resources within  with which to hold firm to Thy Feet.
I pray for forgiveness O Compassionate one, for I can see my folly. I pray for a whiff of Thy grace, that will calm my burning mind, a drop of Thy substance that will be my sustenance.