Life is like a drive on mountain roads- Thrilling! You don’t know what will be on the next turn. It might be a beautiful landscape or a steep road or there might be nothing. Life is the same, we may plan whatever we like, but it has its own plans and sometimes when these plans don’t go our way, we are often shocked. These shocks of life are sometimes unbearable and sometimes it is just a small turbulence. 

I have experienced both these types of shocks in abundance🤪.  In fact, everyone does in their life at some point of time. Example time! Few days back I came to know that we have to give examinations not just of this semester but of the previous semester too, in which we were promoted due to the Corona Pandemic. So totally unprepared with total 12 subjects, bulky books to go through, hefty syllabus and the worst part for me- memorizing all the names, facts and years of case laws! Phew! My memory is not at all sharp and this all made my cortisol levels go up. 

What to do? What to do? What to do? I had no idea but only a sulky face.  

Then at first I remembered a tip my school friend used to give me whenever I would stress over exams. She used to say instead of stress, stress, stress, do study, study and study. This tip was really useful but I have a default setting which often makes it difficult for me to get inspired easily and that’s to dig more and brood over the same thing again and again until the solution that strikes the most appropriate doesn’t come my way. I was studying but the stress element was still there. The haunting thoughts had yet not got off me. 

In the evening, some relief was brought by the message in our class group that exams will be open book. Everyone was happy that they would copy and paste every word from the notes on the examination sheet. I was again confused. In these times when my mind is hit by a conscientious arrow, I realize the side effects of listening to saints 😅😉. Yes! After listening to these pure souls, doing something that your heart doesn’t vibe with, makes you go on the guilt trip and honesty has always remained the best policy. So I decided not to cheat and on the other hand the books were staring at me like zombies. 

But Best friends always come to your rescue in times of need. A Robin Sharma Book came to my rescue with a quotation:

Do your best, let nature do the rest.

Now I could say that I found my consolation and I had no reason to stress anymore. This exam eruption was just a small test, but I think this formula works best forthe bigger problems too.  All that I wanted to say is life will put you to the test, sometimes big and sometimes small but all you have to do is give your best. 

It is like a badminton game where you have to give your best shot when the shuttle comes to your side of the net, once you have hit the finest shot and it goes on the other side, you are no longer in control. Just trust and enjoy the game while waiting for what it yields. 

Life is a name of patience, you can’t expect all that you want but you can at least give what you can afford at a given time. Sow the best seed in the best soil, at the most suitable temperature and surroundings and then just wait for what mother nature has in her magic bag to give you back. If the seed blooms to its best, be grateful, if not, then mother nature knows better. 

Hope I have not become too philosophical with exams but I have no better metaphor to use these days. Lots of love and laughter ❤💕🤗🌻