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It is in credible how much  there is to learn from tongue. You want lasting peace and joy , learn from your tongue and live like it . The tongue 👅 is living in mouth among the teeth –  demon with  thirty two teeth biting and grinding around it , not only does the tongue remain untouched, it enjoys all the taste. The food that sits and rolls on tongue is chewed by teeth  and make the pulp and yet this snaky little thing escapes un scathed . It hurts when we lapse in mindfulness. There is no wrinkle on Tongue till the end of life . There is no repair of tongue like teeth – route canal or implant . Because  tongue is flexible , generous , smart enough , speak swiftly and respectfully . The more flexible in life you would find more happy .  The most important part of tongue is that it makes the quality of relation 

Have a peace and happiness in life 

Ashok , Astrologer

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