Recently  I read a mindboggling question by Peter Thiel. . He started his career as a judicial clerk and speech writer, and went on to co-found PayPal at only 32 years old. By the time he was my age (35 years old), he had been CEO of PayPal for 3 years and sold it to eBay for $1.5 billion. Since then, he’s help to fund and found a tremendous number of world-changing businesses. Now that’s someone advice we should listen.

The question is :

 ” How would I achieve my 10 years goals in next 6 months

Tim Ferriss even added more to it. :

” How would I achieve my 10 years goals in next 6 months if I had a gun to my head “

Now that is not your some average  question. It is a question which would force you to think and reconsider your process and actions.

What actions would I would have to take and change drastically to achieve my goals?

What am I waiting for ?

Who are the people who have  achieved what i want to achieve?

Swami ji also said in one of his videos :

 ” Ask the right questions and you’ll make the right moves .”


Excited to hear your views on this

Till then

Take Care


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