Unconditional love is an alchemy .

Time has proved to this to me .There is no medicine that heals better than unconditional love and no weapon that can defeat than unconditional love .Do not take it as cowardice .while working at a forensic unit there was an old lady who once used to be a prostitute who used to call me all names in the world .I was new .I was alone as an in charge .But as days passed by one hefty night after my mandatory overtime , me struggling to get home , from no where this lady rushed in and hugged me and told would you be coming tomorrow…I said yes ..she can t say you pass by double doors .I held my tears and at home cried my heart out.Love is wonderful. It heals

Love sets souls free from the inner demons the fierce inner entities people carry the fear of rejection the shame the guilt .One cactus of acceptance can cure many a heart but today society bothers none .Pure and dedicated love of a master  like Swamiji can help trust cocoon we are in the process we are subjected in to so that we can evolve and butterfly a great day .

When dream shatter or things crumble we need to look and see through the crevices the stars underneath beneath those cracks .We need to stop complaining about pot of weeds instead find the seeds and grow a garden

Oh stop lamenting my friends on the stones thrown by world .Collect them and build your basement  and show them who you are .Those manipulative  games play it and learn it , you dont learn swimming by standing on shore .

Transmute every fear breathed in to you as love turn life in to a token of gratitude .A divine creation of amplitude.



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