Compassion is my purpose. Understanding Sanatana Dharma’s scriptures from a self-help perspective is my passion. Writing is my hobby. Still, I would never have gathered the wisdom and courage required to dedicate my life to writing Sanatana Dharma-based Lifestyle blogs.

Sri Devi Om (me in my new avatar) is the result of the patient support offered by Swami throughout my struggles with depression and self-acceptance. He treated me like a queen and cared for me like a mother, but never did he even remotely misuse my vulnerability. I feel like a different person now, and owe this rebirth to a special person, who never ceases to awe me with his simplicity.

Life has moved on and we seldom meet. He has become unreasonably busy and so have I. Yet, I will always be thankful for what I’ve learned from him.


Here’s a small tribute from my family – my husband, son, and me – to Swami, who became a catalyst of change during my dark times:

Adoration to the one with a Lovely Smile.

Admiration to the one with a Pleasing Persona.

Veneration to the one with a Divine Aura.

Obeisance to the one with a Gracious Presence.

Bow to the one who showers Unconditional Love.

Respect to the one who’s filled with Compassion.

Salutations to the one dedicated to Social Welfare.

Reverence to the one who is my Guiding Light.

Gratitude to the one who has transformed my Life.


Note: I had dedicated my website and this write-up to Swami for his 40th birthday. He accepted my humble gift and sent me a “beautiful” note supporting my website. Thank you for the blessings, Swami!



Image: Photo taken at my residence in 2014.