Anger results from poorly channelized emotions, it is the outcome of non- healing of your own pain.

Om Swami.

It appears to be a reaction to a situation that 90% of us give when we feel unsecured or helpless, but what matters is that we respond rather than react. This is a topic that has been talked about and discussed on a lot of platforms, but it is not the same when it comes to dealing with different situations. Life can never be the same when we react to a given situation. It can never be the same when we respond to a given situation, as it makes it difficult for us to tackle it afterwards.

Let’s step into the motion and try to find out when we can try to understand a situation and respond rather than react.

  1. when people don’t listen to you. It’s perfectly ok, as they have their own perspective on life, and it is not always the case that everyone will agree with you. They have a right to agree to disagree with you, just as you have a right to make your point. So, respect their decision that they are not listening to you.
  2. When people act in ways that are contrary to what they were told to do (well, everyone has their own perspective and idea of how to do something, and it is always the creative way of doing it, so just trust what the other person is doing and let them do it the way they want to do it; it may turn out to be unique))
  3. Someone is in the party whom you don’t like. It’s the way life is; you can’t get everything that you want, so sometimes you just need to enjoy the platter served by the chef.
  4. The results of your actions are not as you desired. You lost a contract, a job offer, or a promotion to someone who is not as talented as you are. ( It’s ok. It may be you need to wait a few more days, months’s or years and prepare yourself to be a more worthy recipient, so trust the divine play and keep on working towards excellence) 

The list can be never-ending, but we still need to understand that life will be a radio station for all of us and not a playlist we like, so just enjoy the work and keep smiling.