Many of us have been brought up with the belief or by scriptures that donation should be given anonymously but on the other hand, we are so eager to share our exotic vacation pictures to the world where it is nowhere close to A of anonymous.

Anonymous donation or volunteering when done in the right sense is commendable. In our scriptures, they do highlight that God will not forget your work and the love you have shown him by helping his people is between him and God alone. But In the name of Anonymity, when it is misconstrued to get false credits or duped by some fake charitable organizations, it needs some reflection. Similarly, Vacation is important to relax the mind as it reduces anxiety and lowers heart-related issues or chronic illness, and provides more motivation to life but when it is too much shared on social media especially during these pandemic times, one needs to think about how does it serve others?

Donation or Do more of Charity is a nice gesture that invokes positive energy in the minds of people and the universe radiates tranquil energy the same way. On the other hand, sharing vacation pictures not only invoke jealousy or anger in the minds of many who cannot afford the same luxuries but the universe too reciprocates it accordingly. So which one do you think we need more of?

Let me illustrate with an example — Assume you are given only one option of pressing a Like button to a Facebook picture.

Option A. Joe preparing and serving food for the homeless.

Option B. Joe doing Scuba diving in the Bahamas.

There is nothing wrong with Joe taking a vacation in the Bahamas but it does not take a genius to figure out where we will get more likes.

Also by being transparent about it, it inspires similar like-minded individuals to know about other NGOs or charitable organizations and not get cheated in the name of anonymity with fake charitable ones.

In this Facebook age and time, when raising money for the underprivileged or doing charity has become more accessible than before, let us do this random act of kindness with pride and not make it taboo in the name of Anonymity.

The World needs more generous and kind people and we need not be Bill Gates or Warren Buffet to do charity but all it takes is the empathetic gesture to do whatever we can do to make the world a better place during these CyCorona times.