Few days ago i got carried away and posted 2 bhajans in my voice on this platform. Here.

Many people were kind to appreciate. Thanks to them.

But there is one person whom i admire and enjoy her blogs the most. She insisted i sing another bhajan , of her choice, and post it on Os.me. So Divya this is for you. Hope you will regret why you asked me to put it here  lol:)

But i still dared because i know many kind souls are here who donot not judge me. 

So here i am again with O Palanhare

Disclaimer: I am not a trained singer. I simply love singing and this particular bhajan i never sang before. So on Divya’s request i heard 2-3 times and sang. Please ignore my flaws and if at all it wasted your time, you know very well whom to blame 🙂

Jai Sri Hari

PS: how to complete 150 words. I have no words now

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