Note: I am an extra cheesy broke person, who doesn’t have a kindle. I read with the Kinde app, and it’s about e-books in general.

Why should you try E-books?

Well, you would say; why the hell on earth should I try e-book, my great grand religion never did that sinful act. We always acquired wisdom studying on Rose leaves, who is dumb mumbo-jumbo new age teen giving me this advice? We should always study books on Physical books, there you get the new shoe-draped smell which almost lusts you away, there’s no fragrance like that. These sip-swipe, pinches, zoom-in-out screens – Is this what they use for reading? This distracted gen-z’s would never know the joys of reading from a book.

Now, if you are such a Don quixotic, then please grab that pc, Smartphone, Kindle (you own it, Kudos!) and read a book!

There are many such dumbb..I mean great saint beings, who never tried a single book on screen, and say it sucks( actually you suck, boomer!).

There are many great amazing health benefits to it, and yeah, you boomerr..I mean ultra-advanced civilized beings, the eternally virgin Mary, and those three wise men said, “If Thou Shall Use E-books, Thou Will Save Trees And Humanity. And Reach The Kingdom Of Heaven!”.


E-books, kindle-books are cheap. Well, costly enough to put up a hole in my pants pocket because of my voracious reading habits, but cost-effective as compared to those physical copies ( hammer hard-cover, epically).

Pick up your top five books and compare their price to their e-book version, and you’ll know the difference, except in case the writer is really starving to have a piece of lollipop (they always die hungry, believe me!)

Distraction Manic

Oh! No-no, but they are full of distraction’s you know.

Then, I’ll hook a hanging buttery bone on your back and invite my ever-energized German Shepherd to chase you (btw, don’t worry, I don’t own any, for I already said you those who write, die hungry!) Yeah, so the dog is chasing your back, and then I’ll (it’s I followed by two L, goddamned shitty English!), I’ll invite you for enjoying your favorite distraction junkyard application.

Will you come and say, ” Hell yeah, your fictional shepherd is chasing me but let me consume some A.I fed content”. No, man you’ll run fast to save your butts unless you have extra creamy dumbing bouncy family packs!

You allow distractions to distract you, they hold no power. If can’t digest this truth with a double quench of salt, then go ahead get your Kindle Device ordered and gift it to me (you know, I starve!) because if you give me one universe will give you multifold!

Go ahead, spread the kind deed (and get some RAK points)!

Departure of collection

So you are proud of your pile long of collection ready to lay steps to heaven one day, well but the problem is, one day my son, history will remember you for your greatness……Oh! where did I went…I mean, one day YOU WILL DIE!! Oh comm-on, what the hell is slipping through my fingers on the keyboard! What I want to say is one day, actually most days, you can’t carry those giant loath of books always ready to smash your toe.

But if you have a Kindle (which you have promised to gift me), wherever you go there they are! Ghost-like combination of zeroes and ones like your shadow. Access all of them wherever you go, the hot flight attendant (I never met any, for I am poor enough to enter the airport), so that hot beautiful lady along with the security system will never notice you are carrying your whole library on your head!

But What About That Lusty Smell

Now, you want to smell every page you read. You can’t do that in an e-book or Kindle (which you are gifting me).

Well for that matter, let’s settle for a solution.

Go to the nearest shoe shop. Get some empty shoe boxes. And now be ready with your two Kindle devices (see, I said you if you gift me one you would get two by universe!).

Step 1: Read a page.

Step 2: Hold the shoebox in your hands and enjoy its aroma! It has the same smell as a new book!

Step 3: Repeat until charged under-section108 for smoking low-grade marijuana!

It’s that simple.


By the way, don’t forget your promise!



Note : This is episode 4. To enjoy the rest visit here.


Photo by from Pexels