प्रश्नोत्तर रत्नमालिका 

Every now and then,  we are instructed – what to do and what not to do….avoid this and take that…etc.
Many times we are in confusion about our own ideas of good and bad, right or wrong.  Most of the times, when we encounter with difficult situations,  we take the opinions of our elders, our friends,  etc..
When we don’t understand the meaning of certain terms,  we refer the dictionary,  encyclopedia, internet, etc.
But you know, all these media of knowledge are  limited. They just give you the information at superficial level. You can get literal translation of the phrases, sentences, ideas through such media.
Most of the time we observe that our elders whom we consider as wise or knowledgeable  themselves are in dilemma,  confusion because of the lack of authentic knowledge.
To succeed in life, with right direction,  we need the authentic and strong guide so that we can follow it without an iota of doubt.  Where can we get these guidance???

Off course our scriptures…Vedas, Upanishads,  Bhagvad gita, etc.
“Prashnottar Ratnamalika ( प्रश्नोत्तर रत्नमालिका)” composed by Bhagvan Adi Shankaracharya is one of the most valuable guide,  in the form of questions and answers. You will not find such a beautiful and at deapth answers / definitions of so many terms anywhere.
I would call this text as vedanta library, or life guide. One who reads and understand it, is sure to be the wise.
Literal translation of प्रश्नोत्तर रत्नमालिका is the garland of the gems of the questions and answers.
When you read it, you will be convinced that it’s real solution to every problem. ( Answer to every question)

We wear the precious ornament around our neck. It gives us the feelgood sensation and in the eyes of others also we are considered as owner of the valuable.
One who reads and understand the Ratnamalika, becomes the wise and valuable….why?…because those pearls of wisdom are in his voice box. “कण्ठे स्थित: इति कण्ठस्थl”
That means, whenever a need arises, one can bring it at the tip of the tongue for ready referral.
Another hidden meaning is that, these pearls of wisdom are not only in his kantha…but in Buddhi also. ( बुद्धिस्थ. Not just literal words from the kantha, but with its implied meaning to get applied in the everyday life.) Such a person is real adorable/ Alankrit.
For example,  1st question of the very text is –
“भगवन् किम् उपादेयम्? (Bhagvan, Kim upadeyam? )
What is to be taken( for granted/Accepted without doubt)?”

Answer is -” गुरुवचनम्/Guruvachnam. ( words/advice of guru).”
That means, only the words of Guru should be taken/ followed. 
If you leave others words/advice, nothing will be lost. But if you leave guruvachan, you will be in loss.
E.g.  You are called as a miser  by someone.  But guru tells you – ‘Tat Tvam asi/ “you are THAT”.  He will never consider you as a doer or enjoyer. 
So if you will not take others words(miser), but of guru( That), you will not get affected.
There are total 67 verses in this text….. Must read by everyone in the spiritual path.
          Hari Om !

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