Continuing from part 5 of this Ayurveda series, today I shall talk of pitta prakriti characteristics. Well, let me first brief on the 5 types of pitta that I had mentioned in my last post. So, here we go-

Pachaka Pitta- Located in between stomach and large intestines’, which means it is located in the small intestine(Kshudantra), responsible for digestion, once digestion is done this pitta further separates the SARA BHAGA( the nutrient part) and KITTA BHAGA( the waste) from the digested food. Hence the name, PACHAKA.

Ranjaka Pitta- Located in Liver and spleen{ Yakrit and Pleeha respectively- these are anatomical names mentioned in Ayurveda texts for these organs, this is just for your information:).. Let me know if its too much to understand, I shall refrain from mentioning those technical terms }This pitta helps in digestion and in the liver and spleen it becomes part of blood.

Sadhaka Pitta- This pitta resides in “The Heart”, responsible for intelligence, ego and this is the one that prompts one to achieve what they desire.. Hence the name SADHAKA.

Alochaka Pitta- This pitta resides in “The eyes” or The Dristi Mandala. This is responsible in helping us grasp colour, shape and form of the object that we see.

Bhrajaka Pitta- The one that resides in the skin, responsible for the complexion.

Now, here we go with pitta prakriti characteristics-

  • Intelligent
  • Determined
  • Disciplined
  • Egoistic
  • Excellent Orators
  • Excellent convincing skills
  • Rosy complexion
  • Medium built
  • Can easily gain/lose weight
  • Likes cold places and cold climate
  • Sharp voice, high pitch and depth
  • They sweat a lot
  • Passionate
  • Very Short tempered- Do not mess with them;), Do not challenge them either!! They will make sure you are proven wrong!!
  • Excellent Leadership qualities
  • Prone to skin and digestive issues, premature greying of hair
  • Strong appetite
  • Prone to insomnia, Migraine
  • Silky smooth straight hairs, esp brown and brown eyes:)

I have mentioned some of the important characteristics of these individuals, not all of it though, then I would end up writing another Samhita..hahaha..

Next post, I shall talk all about ” THE CUCUMBER”.. Cucumber??!! hahahha.. Well, take a guess in the comment section and I know its easy:)