Continuing from part 7 of Ayurveda series, where I have mentioned about 5 types of kapha. This post shall include brief on the 5 types of kapha and also kapha prakriti characteristics. Looks like I will end up writing another Ayurveda text book here on this platform;)

Back to our topic, here we go-

Avalambaka Kapha- Located in the chest, with its strength and with support of the nutrients, it supports the heart, carries the functions attributed to the water element and also takes care of all other types of kapha.

Kledaka Kapha- Located in the stomach, it moistens the food.

Bodhaka Kapha- Located in the tongue, helps understand/grasp different tastes of the food.

Tarpaka Kapha- Located in the head. It nourishes all the sense organs

Sleshaka Kapha- Located in the joints, it lubricates the joints

Next, coming to the end of this post, shall now see the characteristics of kapha prakriti individuals-

  • Lazy/ Lethargic people
  • Sluggish digestion
  • Gains weight easily, more or less always a little overweight and loosing weight is not an easy task
  • Thick dark hair
  • Very slow in talking
  • Takes decisions after thinking through it thoroughly
  • Long lasting memory
  • They are never in a hurry, they take their own sweet time for anything and everything
  • They are coolest people you can ever come across, that is why I call them ‘THE CUCUMBER’, which, means they do not loose their temper so easily, when they do, it just blows out of proportion, so do not provoke them!;)
  • They get dreams of water bodies
  • Eyes are big and attractive
  • Clear complexion

With this the tridosha topic comes to an end. Since many have requested to write about the ways to balance the doshas, I shall take up writing about it in the next post. Before I write about it in the next post, one important aspect of this tridosha is required to be known, i.e these doshas undergo changes in the body based on the Desha(place) and kala(time)…Here Kaala is not just day and night but also the seasons.