I have been embracing lower back pain for about ten years. You can say… I am a double PhD in this field. Different causes, types, preventive measures, treatment, and exercises…….I have first-hand experience. I am saying this serious stuff humorously. Reason….the pain and hindrance in daily routine can make a person sad, depressed, and irritating. So I thought to make this boring stuff a little interesting and may be helpful in some way. I have been learning from my mistakes and concluded ……I cannot defeat this problem at the root level as it has now become chronic but surely I can remove relapses of acute sessions and continue my normal daily activities.


POSTURE  I used to study while sitting on the bed with my curved lower back. This posture for longer durations puts pressure on the vertebrae and the rubbery pads supporting them (discs) may prolapse. It can cause pain and irreversible damage.

FOOTWEAR  I used to wear high heels as I am of medium height. So to look taller, I mostly selected the wrong footwear disturbing my spine over the years.

FEW ACCIDENTS  I had injured my spine a few times….Slipped from 8-10stairs while watching mobile, an abrupt hit at the ground from a slide in a water- park, randomly picked up buckets full of water and heavy pots.
POSTPARTUM CARE  I have neglected care to support my back after two deliveries. This negligency had an addon effect and worsened my problem.

1. Always take care of your posture and footwear.

2. We should not over-evaluate our body strength threshold. While walking and using stairs, take care of your steps to avoid toppling over.

3. Don’t try your muscles to move heavy objects. If feeling pressure on your lower back, stop overworking, take small pauses, and lie down to support your back.
4. On good days, work out to strengthen your muscles.

Every person’s body toning requirements are different. Pay attention and mindfully exercise according to your body. A brisk walk with long steps and back-strengthening exercises twice a week worked for me.
4. Try your best to do zero mistakes.
I have faced much trouble during 2020_2021 in handling this problem. But I diligently worked on myself and remained free from medicines for a year. I slowly became complacent, started to wear high heels, did heavy work in the garden, and most importantly didn’t listen to my crying back. And the result is……Again I am in bed unable to move, followed by harsh medicines. Now my back will take time to heal and strengthen. I have to keep patience and take extra care.
Don’t ignore minor back issues, resolve them at the root level, and don’t repeat mistakes. Respect your body by addressing its problems.