I had tears of love.In my mind,I could see my Beloved’s face and I was beseeching him to request his beloved to meet us.

In this devotion,I was crying, and the longing to meet the Beloved’s beloved was becoming more and more intense,when, I saw a tall and thin gentleman coming this side.I thought,maybe my Beloved’s beloved has come,but when I saw attentively,I felt that his eyes were similar to those of my beloved,and he was good also,but I didn’t get a strong pull.

He came near and asked :O, good lady living in this forest,is any saint living here? I said:No.

He again asked:Has any saint come here recently? 

I said: No

Again he said :Is it the same forest where the daughter of the king shot a traveller unknowingly thinking it to be a panther ?

In a sad tone,I said: Yes, this is the same forest.

He just said :” What a wonder ” and Started walking.

I said : Wait, listen to something.

But he didn’t stop and quickly went away.

I went to my hermitage.

The moment I sat down,I got concentrated.

I had the remembrance in my heart,but now my longing to meet became more intense.I had a different type of bliss.I felt that my Beloved’s beloved is very near me.I felt he loved me immensely and I felt a fragrance.

I desired that he should come I should fall at his feet, and he should say,”Daughter,I have come.”

I sat till afternoon. Tears were coming even in my closed eyes.Thus crying,when I got up to go to the palace, again I saw the same gentleman.

I said : O respectable gentleman,come with me,have food and water, have rest,and let me know whom you are looking for. Maybe ,I can help you.

But he had tears in his eyes and was saying, ” sister ( here sister means Gurunanak DevJi’s sister Nanaki ) never forgets you, sister never forgets you.”

He didn’t listen to me.He remained absorbed in his own thoughts.

When I reached the palace, mother was crying.

I went near her and asked her : Mother, why are you crying?

She said : Daughter I have faith now.Your Beloved’s beloved will come but when will he come while saying this her eyes again welled up with tears.She again said : seeing me sad your father is also longing to meet.

Today,he had tears in his eyes when he went.See how your brother’s eyes are also looking eagerly.

My brother raised his arms when he saw me.I picked him up and asked him : O, brother,tell me,when will he come,he who has sent you here ?

My infant brother looked up, smiled and then cried.

I said to my mind : O,what is happening today ? I have been crying since morning,my mother has been crying,my father went crying and now my infant brother is also crying.

Automatically,a song came to me.I sang a song:

” For you,my eyes are longing

O beloved,when will you come ?

For you,my eyes are longing

O beloved when will you come ?”

Everybody in the palace cried.The whole day went like this.

But my mind was at peace and tranquil.In this peace of mind,remembrance swelled.Then a longing would come and tears flowed from the eyes.Again, quiet,peace, tranquility and bliss.Again,a longing would come like a streak of light from head to foot,and again tears.It became night and it was too late to go to hermitage.On the roof,in moonlight, I kept sitting.There was light breeze and dew.The sky was clear.The stars were shining.The cool breeze was full of longing and it didn’t allow the sleep to come.I kept sitting in peace and bliss….and hours passed by in longing,love, tranquility, eagerness and happiness.

To be continued…..