Standing in midst of a withered field,

With an empty and happy mind,

I see nothing but a heavenly landscape at the end.

The surreal scene makes me happier than ever,

The shades, the trees , the torn flags  complimented the tall chambers perfectly,

Sunlight , sweet as honey,

Shone upon the scraped walls,

Seemed to embellish the scene with pure heart.

With such elegant perfection,

It was the most beautiful thing I would ever imagine.

Standing tall with towers and chambers,

And heart buffed in honor,

Attracted all the clueless souls.

The walls with hundred stories to convey left unheard,

With such a mesmerizing aura ,

Poor thing was left alone in the middle of nowhere.

P.S: I am new to writing poems, so this might be not that good, but with each time I try to write better and come up with such imaginations. This is basically poem out of picture composition but with a touch of added things .

Thank you for reading.

Reminder for peace :

Give your mind a little rest , lovely being .

Save that brain space for new ideas and adventures, 

for the things you love.

With smiles,

Gaarvi ..

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌻✨