My dearest Osdotme family,
Here I am yet again, present on this beautiful platform to share with you the joys and blessings of our life! Though a doctor by profession, when I started penning down  divine moments with our beloved Swamiji, I was thrilled to see the joy and excitement you all experienced after reading the humble musings of a doctor. 😊

I have previously shared about such grace-filled anecdotes in the posts When He calls part 5 and The Zenith of the blessings.
Now, I am planning to write more about the cherished memories which we so often reminisce and count our blessings every single day. 🙏

It’s our sheer fortune that Bhagwan has found us amongst billions of souls and living in that gratitude has made our life absolutely blissful. What a blessed life we have!

So, I wondered, why not let others partake of our joy?

It is a challenge to word all that I feel, for those incidents are ethereal for us. What I shall mention here is my heart’s wisdom and writing about how you feel/felt is never  easy. Having said that, I’ll let my babbling continue…..

Wheeling back in time, the year was 2019 and like every year since 2017, we had booked our places for the annual celebration of Sri Hari’s consecration ceremony- not to mention, the visit was going to be all the more special as immediately after the 4th of April, our beloved Swamiji himself was going to recite Devi Bhagwat for 5 days.

It was a holy event like no other- a once in a lifetime opportunity and we were not going to let the fortune slip by!

Imagine listening to Divine Mother’s glory by Divine Mother herself! My heart fills with untold joy just by thinking about that divine experience. 🙏

As always, Swamiji’s schedule was jam packed – the morning discourse, the evening discourse, personal meetings, group meetings and many other things we were not even aware of! During the Devi Bhagwatam, the events were scheduled in the morning. Swamiji was not going to take any evening discourse plus no meetings were scheduled. We simply couldn’t wait for the coveted date! 

On every visit to the Ashram, it has been a ritual for Bhavita and Hemanya to perform on the guitar for Sri Hari and Swamiji. 🥰 Swamiji loves to hear them playing the guitar. He praises them with effusive words.
That time around, Bhavita and Hemanya had prepared a beautiful song written by Sant Kabir- Kya Tan Maanjhta Re Ek Din Maati Mein Mil Jaana.
In our group meeting, we had asked permission from Swamiji about their performance and He had delightedly told them, verbatim, “I wanna listen to both of you very often!”

Our joy knew no bounds after listening to those beautiful words. Whose wouldn’t! 😍

On the 4th April, the air was incredibly festive, and one could see it all around- the temple was decorated with beautiful flowers and rangolis. The mood for celebration of Bhagwan’s birthday was absolutely amazing and quite indescribable. The day passed blissfully and everyone was waiting for the moment when Swamiji would come to temple and fill every devotee’s heart with divine love. ❤
Around 6 PM the eyes of everyone were glued to the pathway leading to temple. The excitement, devotion and love in the room were distinctly palpable 🙂

At sharp 6:15 PM, our Lord arrived to the sweet mantras playing in the background! Our hearts were full with His awesome presence and He enlightened all of us with the pearls of wisdom.🙏🙏

At 7 pm everyone eulogized Bhagwan with the Aarti and we all sang along with Swamiji—Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Sri Hari!😊🥰😊

( The children’s cheeks were hurting with smiling but they couldn’t stop!) We all thanked Bhagwan for filling our lives with His divine presence. 🙏
The temple was full of devotees, everyone was basking in the magnificence of Swamiji and Sri Hari. 

Bhavita and Hemanya were already ready with their guitars and all set for their performance on the blissful occasion! 

They both sang beautifully(though no  training in vocals) with the melodious tune of guitars with perfect synchronisation. Bhavita played the chords and Hemanya played the notes.

Swamiji was ever so happy to hear this soulful Bhajan.
The moment the kids finished playing, there was thunderous applause in temple.
Swamiji was smiling widely, clapped and praised both the kids 😍😍

(Hemanya: I’m facing a lot of technical problems in embedding the bhajan as a YouTube video. I’ll work on it, but for now, you can find it here. I know it’s not convenient. I really apologise for the inconvenience! I’ll work on it!)

As for the next moment, the memory of which makes my heart flood with unknown bliss.🧡

He asked kids in His sweet, calm voice, “Do you want to play another song?” 

Okay, now tell me who doesn’t want to perform if Lord Himself is listening happily?

My daughters hadn’t even thought of performing another Bhajan!

 Bhavita in her eagerness started telling Him about another song. But we were aware of Swamiji’s busy day! Rajeev ji had already told us not to exceed time limits as Swamiji was very much pressed for time.

So noticing Bhavita’s enthusiasm, Alok tried to stop her with gestures! He was nodding to say No, and suddenly, an “Uh-huh!” slipped out.
Bhavita was puzzled. She took turns to look at Swamiji and her father. 

Should she honour Swamiji’s words or listen to papa? 🤔 She still looked quite unsure.

Hemanya was staring between the two of them as if the world decided her fate and that of her guitar for the next few minutes. 🙂 

Swamiji saw how Alok was nodding to tell her ‘No’ and seeing that Swamiji burst into laughter!😄☺
Controlling His laughter, He said, “The spiritual father is saying YES and the biological father is saying NO!”

 At His witty words, we all joined Him in  hearty laughter.
Those words were like soft rose petals for us soothing our very being 💜 That blessed day is etched in our hearts for and ever. ♥

We all know Swamiji is our father but hearing those beautiful words from He himself was a moment to be treasured!

In the first visit itself, He had profesized about bright future of our daughters.

What a blessing this life is for our kids where Lord Himself is telling them right there that He is always there for them being their spiritual father 🙏🙏

After our kids performance, Vivek  Dhume (You all have read about him in Swamiji’s memoir) along with another devotee played the flute. Swamiji told them with his ever-brilliant smile, “Boys, only 5 minutes!”
We were awestruck to see His compassion. When the kids were playing, He encouraged them to play more songs ,though He was so…. busy and made them feel loved. ❤

We all love you Swamiji🥰❤ You are our whole world!

All glories to Him alone. 🌻

A/N: Thank you so much for your precious time and immensely grateful to my darling Hemanya for awesome editing and painstakingly uploading the video. 😊😊

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