Each day I use Double Roti….or bread which has hunger satisfying calories double than a chapati , Today it looked at me with big tears in its eyes….the tears were so big that it got soggy! U and all os.me member declared Alloo…bhaiya , khichri national food ,Golgappe Samadhi food but no one mentioned me! Is this the way u treat your Mausi or Maasi? So as a mother always takes care of her kids here is a sweet tribute to B R E A D……………… White or brown u r always a saviour, wether we eat u with butter ,jam ,cheese or mayonese you love each spread equaly and give them their due place in your heart! Vegetables as cucumbers, tomatoes ,boiled potato or gobhi aloo make your tasty grilled sandwhiches..
Sauce and mint chatni with these give the mouth a tingling treat. If u r baked with cheese capsicum, onion and mushroom you save a lot of money and effort of going to Dominos or Pizza hut, garlic butter and dash of oregano make u a perffect tea time snack! When ever fever or men of house not at home bread Upma and bread poha make our meal! If tikkis ,cutlets or manchurian break ,u bind them with your caring bond! When the sweet tooth cant find choclates and gulab jamun in house Milk dipped sweet bread roasted on tawa and bread pudding are to be found! French toast ,Omlett bread or Masaala bread you are the queen , Bread pakora and bread roll being your crown princes!To top up creamy tomatoe soup or act like croutons in Salad oh my bread mausi ,u r a sooper star, You travel in aeroplane, train and bus …in tiffins of kids ,in picnic packs! Even convallasing sick patients can swallow you! If dipped with tea or milk too bread you are number ine not 2. For sophisticated ,beans and bread with broccoli and corn make meal perffect!We Indians have made you are desi mem with Shahi tukda ,bread halwa, idlee bread and bread wada yes you are indispensable part of our menu dear bread! Suji toast,Malai cheeni toast ,honey loaded toast make little kids drool too.And papas love to press samosa and tikki in 2 slice of you! We love you oh our dear one….dont get sad yes U have won.

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