1. Much Kudos for Swami’s Enlightenment on shanni’s saade satti through thoughtful Guidance ,regarding True Faith verses Fear,The result of Clouds of Doubt🌦. May ur calm ,composed Presence, Shower🚿 ur Grace on our Blessed Fraternity, in The present Unsettling Times.. The social conditioning by astrologers has made influence of saade sati,The most dreaded invincible demon.demanding our constant attention n offerings expensive precious 🎁 stones…Swamiji has explained in lay man’s language, the period can even extend to 9️⃣years,because of it’s U turn,or Vakri 🙌 nature… He is even Lord of justice.. For a commoner,a y villain s shanichaar,as In Raja Harischandra’ Ups and Downs…swamiji beautifully explains,how in our life,full of rollercoaster Rides,shaani and mangal grey have no influence of their dashaa n dissha.🤙How I wish my sis in Canada,instead of blaming me.,the ex husband n above all the astrologers, all Indian beed,for the mis match of horror scope.🌔 This was20yrs back…inspite of nav grah pooja.🙏 Om swamiji’s Explanation of The Universe, innumerable galaxies, human beings as microcosm of the infinite microcosm,Time Without Beginning, are pearls of wisdom.🤟. I conclude with a personal unsolved riddle since seventy one years ,in my failure in the art n craft of whispering 💋.much to the embarrassment of my kith n kin unable to share secrets silently as I am the dwarf of chinese whisper…till date,unable to discover The real villain in my horoscope.🕐 Life is ten percent what happens ❓to u, and ninety percent how U react to it.👩Aim for The Moon,if You miss, U May Hit A ⭐ 💫😂

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