Joining this divine family… blessed I feel… Oh very much!

In the here and now… there are butterflies in my stomach!

I have no idea why and how I am here. But I know for sure I need to be. I am greatly excited about just being here πŸ™‚

I just love reading OSji’s posts. Witty, clever, well articulated, sharp, precise, insightful, deep yet he makes it all sound so simple. Greatly inspired by him.

I am sure every one (who has some time to spend with themselves) would have in some point in time in their lives tried to pen down their feelings, thoughts – those “just I, me, myself” moments! With passing time, most of us fall out of that habit of articulating our own feelings and thoughts to ourselves, if not share with others. I somehow get a feeling that this space that OSji has created is to just re-trigger that process in us. Those who have tried this will agree with me that those moments give us so much clarity, peace or if not anything else just that begins with butterflies in the stomach and ends with emptiness and the relief of emptying our buckets. Thank you OSji for subtly reminding us about the importance of ourselves!Β 

I heard from a close friend of mine about what I am missing not being a member. And so… just like that… here I am.

On my journey, with butterflies in my stomach, ready to explore away…

sharing and learning on the way… singing and dancing all the way… πŸ™‚

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