The soul in almost all cases captures the image or energy that you want. It’s always important to be positive or look at the positive side of things that are against you or are not against you. It’s really important to catalyze the flow of positive energy around you as it increases the chances of success in ones life and help the individual to achieve the zenith in his respective field. The soul and the energy are so strongly connected to each other and as the soul is so purely connected with the body and the mind, it really impacts the amount of positive energy in our life which attracts failure, sadness, depression and only bad things in ones life.

Happiness and Sadness are two faces of a coin but the only difference here is that it is entirely upon the actions of the human and not the fate which will decide that which face of the coin will in human’s life. So, just stay happy and attract positive energy and let the universe do the rest

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