Have you ever wondered how come Christmas is accepted worldwide? Me neither! Until now. 

If we think about it, maybe it’s because Christmas is ruled by children and children only know one language. The language of love. Okay, maybe the language of toys, tantrums and chocolates too. But what I mean is, they really don’t think very far ahead. We can go to any country, and the children will be equally excited to get a special little gift today because for them opening presents is what Christmas is all about. Comparing presents comes a whole 10 minutes later, but that aside, it’s a day for fun!

And maybe our answer lies in this secret. Anything we do in the spirit of love and fun becomes a worldwide celebration! Take the example of Holi, the festival of colours. Through mass awareness and within a few years, it became a worldwide celebration! Indians, British, Americans of all religions, be it  Hindus, Muslims, Christians we all love being smeared in wonderful colours. It looks cool for an Insta selfie too. The tedious cleaning process is usually ignored because playing with the colours was fun

And let’s take Valentine’s day as another example. A joke for many, and coke with dinner for others! Valentine’s day is known and celebrated worldwide! Some celebrate it by making fun of it, but that aside, it’s still all smiles! And what does it celebrate? Love!:) No complaints, mostly.

The mystery has been cracked guys! Fun brings people together, love brings people together! If all celebrations turn into fun, will there ever be any barriers? And more beautifully, if we turn our whole life into a celebration, into an occasion of fun, then surely the whole world will join us eventually!

When fun is happening, there is less thinking, more playing! And then life becomes a fun-mass! A happy fun life, full of kind and meaningful moments!

I hope you all have a fun Christmas, filled with love. And the day after Christmas too.. and the day after that .. and .. You got the message!;)

Now! Now! Don’t get me wrong, fun doesn’t mean that I’ll be sharing my presents with you! Err no:) But you can share yours … Just kidding!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Off we go to have some fun! No snow… but…

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! 

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