The place was YouTube,
And the topic,
Cold shower.

I thought to try it,
Amid the skin chiseling winter morning.

In the shower was I,
Temperature high,
Fear within,
But it was only a bath!
A gush of water,

I stood facing,
Minutes passed,
Then gathered courage,
To finally face it.

It gushed down,
Melting every pore of skin,
Freezing mind,
Removing a million worries,
And forgetfulness!

A deep cleansing,
Not only of skin,
Of tendencies,
Of anger,
Of resentment,
Of negative emotions.

Teeth shimmering,
Skin shaking,
Brain on high!
I come out,
As a new man,
Fresh and alive.



There are many amazing benefits of a cold shower, you can search on YouTube.

In winters (don’t have a geyser to take in the summer), the tank’s water naturally comes near freezing point. From my personal experience, after I started using cold showers, for three years I am free from yearly fever – which earlier stuck me every year during the cold months.

Also from the common cold, which always gave me a red floating nose and difficulty in breathing. The biggest benefits is I don’t suffer the cold, and can do well with stuffing less clothes, as compared to before, when I needed more to protect the body.

Wanna try this winter?


Photo by ArtHouse Studio from Pexels