Now that you are here and reading this, just take a moment to feel your breath. Are you breathing shallow? deeply? softly? any jerks? noisy?  Do you know that 12000L of air goes in and out of lungs everyday?  Its also mentioned that we take almost 21,600 breaths everyday. But how many times are we aware of it? This post is a humble attempt to make you aware of breathing atleast for sometime , if not everyday. And to make you fall in love with it.

    Have you ever noticed when we become agitated , sad , disappointed , jealous or  angry how our breath changes? At that time our breath becomes shallow and jerky. At the moment for a few seconds if we set aside the emotion and the reason for the emotion, close our eyes and concentrate on our breath , make it deep, breathe in and out fully , we can come to grips a little bit with our emotions. I have tried it many times and it has worked for me. I am sure this is not the first time you are reading this , most of us have read it, heard it but have you practiced it?

God has given us this beautiful gift which we fail to recognize , pay attention but it is always there doing its duty and keeping us ALIVE! (Most underrated gift I believe). Breath is the only bridge between the body and our mind and hence our emotions.

So only if we become aware of our breath,  we can have control over emotions and indirectly on our life. Even if we remember this atleast once a day, we can immediately draw our attention to our breath. And let it be a Diaphragmatic breath. A simple way by which you know you are doing it is by placing a hand on the abdomen in either lying or sitting position letting the abdomen and hence the hand move out /up during inhalation and in/down during exhalation. A sense of calm pervades all over the body and mind.

The easiest way of becoming aware of breath is by falling in love with it, because it is difficult to be parted with our loved one, right? It is that moment when we can be grateful for this beautiful life or lovingly think about our Ishta or just be in the present moment! Swamiji says in His guided meditation, while breathing in fill ourselves with love, kindness, compassion, joy and breathe out our sorrows, greed, ego, jealousy. How beautiful!

Doing mindful breathing is something I have cultivated in the last few months and it helps me atleast to be grateful towards life if not always calm. Getting there:) just a few days back while doing my Pranayam i was stuck with this thought that might be I am falling in love with my breath and the thought filled my heart with joy! And so came the thought of writing this post! I really hope this helps atleast a few of you wonderful people ! 

Everything,  I owe it to Swamiji and Mother Divine Alone/


PS. I am totally fine now, guess all your warm wishes helped me to speed up my recovery. Thank you for showering so much love  in my previous post:)