The continuous meditation on the Black Lotus app has made me rethink all my conversations. It has made me see that the people talking to me are like me. Yes, I did know earlier that others are also human beings. But the realization is more profound now and has more quality to it. A few days ago, I shared how I steered a negative comment in a positive direction on social media by pausing and reflecting. Today the incident recurred in a different scenario.

I was on a phone call with a customer service representative. Judging by her voice, she sounded like an old lady. I said one sentence to her borderline rudely. Out of old habits, I spoke with an unnecessary authority and a ‘know-it-all’ attitude. I knew that the customer service representative would absorb my toxicity. I also knew I won’t have to face any consequences for that.

However, right when I shot the first sentence with a trace of negativity in the tone, I felt a mental pinch. I knew that I was not supposed to talk to anyone like that, and certainly not to someone elder to me. My lack of personal acquaintance with anyone is not a license to be disrespectful. And when have I ever felt good about being disrespectful?

I paused and corrected my tone, lacing my speech with such sweet mangoes that if you’d eat two of those, you’d have to take an insulin shot.

Think I did an excellent job since the representative was cheerful when she cut the call at the end and did say that it was a pleasure talking to me.

So, this post is a gentle reminder to

Keep my arguments hard but my words soft.

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