Dear Girls,
We can fight for ourself,
If you are slim or fatty,
Wear whatever you want to wear,
Dark or whatever,
You just don’t give a damn,
You are here for yourself,
Not for others.

Dear Girls,
live the way you want to live,
not the way they want you to live.

Dear Girls,
It’s ok if they don’t stand for you,
You can stand for yourself,
You are not making any sin,
If you are speaking for yourself.

Dear Girls,
Let them judge you,
They can only judge and do nothing,
You go on your way,
Be unstoppable, Be fearless.

Dear girls,
it’s ok if they dont choose you,
let them go,
Dont beg for love,
Just remember you are your own,

Dear girls,
A man don’t complete you,
You complete yourself,
So Love yourself and be yourself, 
Equality is only in books,
So don’t expect in reality.

Thank you,
keep smiling
Riya om

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