Today’s post is my request to each member to guide me,suggest me and advice me as the most kind and judicious co member of our Swamiji s community. As most of us are aware ,Swamiji has been using me as a medium to help below poverty line ,needy and sick Government hospital patients with medications, tests and basic ration through our sooper kind co devotees ,there is among so many 1 particular patient family i want advice onn. Since almost 3 years since i volunteered this work a patients Lallan thakur who under went a kidney transplant 7 years back with his mother donating him one of her kidneys needs medications @ 10,000 a month of basic life support survival, on top of that he needs regular kft tests and periodic ultra sounds too,
He has developed diabetes, lost vision of one eye aswelll just one of his leg has sensation ! This patient is 42 year old and from a small village in Bihar with no source of income but 3 kids aged 13, 11 and 9 ,an old mother ,a mentally unstable brother and a wife who has to 24*7 take care of him! They have no land or feild or animal to feed them the wife complains the ration rice which Government gives them are not allowed for a diabetes patient aswell are so less that are enough only for 1 week needs of family that too if they are donated oil ,daal ,salt and spices by our co devotees @ 3,000 rs a month for 6 people of the family a month. Also the family needs to regularly review the createnin of patient at Aiims hospital in Delhi so they eveytime need to and fro fare of train and dharam shala stay money ! Now comes my dillema, since i started knowing this family, Swamiji s grace and kindness has always made me arrange donation each month for their medicine food ,tests and fair. But now with covid and most donors under pressure of themselves having financial instabilities how long do i help them? In India there is no medical support, no companies in Bihar villages ,no skill development centers and the patient have no relatives who can sponsor their medicine! My question to everyone is please advice how long do i help them? Am I making them beggar and complacent? I see no way they can earn ,before i met them the patients wife use to go to Gurudwaras and beg! Do suggest what would u do if in my position?